Velocity offers a variety of outstanding adult martial arts and fitness programs designed to help students improve their fitness level, learn self-defense, and unite their mind and body


Wing Chun

At Velocity, our adult Wing Chun program teaches clients to master their bodies through fitness, partner drills, forms, conditioning and sparring. Whatever your goals are for learning Wing Chun, We guarantee that you will walk out the door at the end of class more confident and closer to your ideals. 

Wing Chun is known for its efficiency and economy of movement, with most of the system’s strikes occurring on the centerline in a linear fashion ( the shortest distance to a target is a straight-line).


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Velocity Wing-Chun

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, often referred to as "BJJ," is a grappling based martial art. The concept is that by using leverage and proper technique, the martial artist is able to control and eventually submit their opponent, even if they are smaller in size.


BJJ not only provides practitioners with great self-defense skills, but also provides a great total body workout along the way. Velocity's BJJ program is designed for students of all ability levels. 

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Wushu is a contemporary sport standardized by China after 1946. Currently, it has become an international sport through the International Wushu Federation and was debuted at the Beijing Olympics as a guest event. Competitions are based on sanda (fighting) and taolu (forms), which are similar to gymnastic routines.


Students will learn a range of techniques from punches and kicks to weapons such as swords and staffs. Students will also have the skills and opportunity to compete in local tournaments to test their skills should they choose, or just enjoy the fulfillment and rewards, and benefits derived from their training in the art.

Velocity's Wushu's program director is fluent in both English and Mandarin. Classes are available for adults of all ages and ability levels and children ages 6 and above. 

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Mighty 30 (Fitness)

Kick yourself into the best shape of your life with Velocity's "Mighty 30" 30 minute total body workout. Combining modern fitness training with classic martial arts and kickboxing drills, members will feel every muscle in their body working during this high energy class.

Key Features:

-Kickboxing Drills

-Bag Work

-Stretching Routines




-Strength Training

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