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Allston Brighton 

Martial Arts

Velocity's Headquartered location we are best known for the quality of instruction and expertise in youth programs. Velocity's Allston Brighton in-studio classes offer specialized youth martial arts classes for age 4 & above. Classes are dived by age and are designed to provide each student with the proper level of attention. The Allston Brighton Martial Arts program is led by World & multi-time National Champion Shihan Eric Hung and staff. As members of the elite World Class Karate Team Straight Up Eric Hung has trained an assortment of accomplished students over the decades his professional career included professional athletes and countless state, national, and world martial arts champions.

Velocity Allston-Brighton is also home to many of our enrichment programs for school's and businesses and fitness centers. On-site instruction is also available through Velocity's outsourced instructional services.

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