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Wing Chun Kung Fu

In legend, Wing Chun Kung Fu is known as the only kung fu style created by a woman. Due to its origin, Wing Chun is traditionally suited for more diminutive fighters, utilizing lightning quick and simple strikes to bring down larger opponents.  Wing Chun is known for its efficiency and economy of movement, with most of the system’s strikes occurring on the centerline in a linear fashion ( the shortest distance to a target is a straight-line). This makes Wing Chun an extremely effective self defense system for those who train properly in its techniques.  In fact, the legendary Bruce Lee started his martial arts journey in Wing Chun. 

At Velocity, our adult Wing Chun program teaches clients to master their bodies through fitness, partner drills, forms, conditioning and sparring. Whatever your goals are for learning Wing Chun, We guarantee that you will walk out the door at the end of class more confident and closer to your ideals. 

In our children's Wing Chun program, classes are designed most importantly for the kids to have fun, and foster an early love for the martial arts. Although taught with a lighter tone than the adults class, Kids Wing Chun will encourage better discipline and a more active lifestyle.


Kids will learn all the basics of Wing Chun and apply them through games that will challenge them to use everything they have learned to become better problem solvers and responsible young martial artists. All Wing Chun programs at Velocity are taught by Kung Fu Instructor Adrian Li. 

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