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Youth Program

Our specialized program includes physical fitness training and character development through the martial arts. The classes are designed to enhance a student’s cardiovascular training as well as their muscular development through various karate related games, activities, and techniques. Instructors will talk with students and have them define and give examples of different things like etiquette, dealing with peer pressure, and staying organized. Classes often include a warm-up activity which teaches students about the different forms of exercise and their purposes. The majority of the class is spent working on the student’s belt curriculum in which they are expected to remember new techniques and perform at a progressively higher level from class-to-class. Our Children’s Program is geared towards shaping respectful and self-confident students through physical and mental exercise. Instructors of the program focus on group encouragement through individual goal setting and ensuring that each student is pushed, not forced, to their personal limit. These classes benefit almost all children of various ages and are designed to aid your child in reaching their full potential.

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