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Velocity offers a variety of award winning youth martial arts programs designed to give students the tools and resources to not only become an excellent martial artist, but a better person as well.


No martial art is better than any other. What matters is if the martial arts provides you with what you are interested in and is being taught well. Are you looking for Depending on your schedule/interests, we have the program that suits your child best.


Seishin Martial Arts

Velocity's first youth program, Seishin Martial Arts, is one of the most respected and awarded in New England. Lead by Master Instructor and World Champion, Eric Hung, Seishin aims to using the martial arts to help grow the mind, body, and spirit of each and every student. 

Students learn a combination of traditional and modern martial arts. Seishin's curriculum starts with traditional kenpo to teach culture, history, and fundamentals. It then is supplemented with sport karate, a modern art based in performance that encourages creativity and athleticism. Finally, Seishin's unique smart self-defense/anti-bullying system teaches students both mental and physical self-defense concepts for the real world. Seishin's program is perfect for students who benefit from programs with a large amount of structure.

In addition to its unique curriculum, Seishin also has decades of experience in tournament competition. It's tournament team, Team Seishin, was awarded Massachusetts Team of The Year for 2017 by the KRANE tournament circuit and is home to countless state and national champions.

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Main Focuses: High-Structure, History/Tradition, Athletism/Creativity, Anit-Bullying/Self-Defense.

Velocity Wing-Chun

Velocity Wing-Chun

Wing Chun is known for its efficiency and economy of movement, with most of the system’s strikes occurring on the centerline in a linear fashion ( the shortest distance to a target is a straight-line).

In our children's Wing Chun program, classes are designed most importantly for the kids to have fun, and foster an early love for the martial arts. Although taught with a lighter tone than the adults class, Kids Wing Chun will encourage better discipline and a more active lifestyle.


Kids will learn all the basics of Wing Chun and apply them through games that will challenge them to use everything they have learned to become better problem solvers and responsible young martial artists.

This program is perfect for students who do better in programs with a slightly relaxed structure. 

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Main Focuses: Relaxed structure, Hand-eye coordination, self-defense, culture

Rocky DiRico's Kenpo

With over 700 first place finishes and 100 grand championship wins, Rocky DiRico is the most successful senior professional competitor in the history of sport karate. He has achieved the NASKA, N.B.L. and P.K.L #1 world or national ranking over fifty times between 1990 and 2007. In addition, DiRico was KRANE champion from 1988 through 1997 – ten years in a row! All of these achievements were accomplished after the age of 35. 

Professor DiRico is the kind of professional educator that makes children and adults feel excellent about themselves and about learning Karate. According to one parent, “He’s the teacher you would have taken any subject throughout your school years.”

This program offers classic and traditional kenpo/self-defense training for all ages.

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Main Focuses: Culture/Tradition, Self-Defense

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